Replacement Cabinet Doors to quickly improve your living space

Replacement Cabinet Doors

Updated July 8th 2014

The Effects of replacement cabinet doors
Getting the right replacement cabinet doors

Prudent installation of replacement cabinet doors can be one of the most cost effective, least time consuming, appearance enhancing upgrades that you can make to your home!

When was the last time that you truly amazed yourself when walking into your own rooms?

Interior space can have its feel radically improved with new blocks of color around, and getting a visible area colored quickly can transform the sensations you have indoors. Putting new cabinet doors on cabinets to replace old and dowdy ones, immediately makes more square inches of inward facing surface available.

Replacement cabinet door diversity

Bright cabinet space can be made from many components

White Replacement Cabinet Doors

Simple colors can be very effective

Replacement cabinet doors generate renewed interest in a cabinet that can make it add style and class to the living area around it. Replacement cabinet door fitting can be daunting at first, but really just needs a little bit of organization. With correct preparation, your cabinet can add charm to any room once again!

Whether a cabinet is in the kitchen, or the bathroom or the living room, its attributes can impact on the feel of the space its in. When considering what kind of door to fit, you are changing the most visible part of the cabinet. Some people like cabinets to look functional, but generally they want them to feel integrated with the colors and textures of the room as a whole.

When you replace cabinet doors the thickness of them can sometimes a concern. With vanity cabinets in the bathroom, for example, very chunky doors look out of place. Contrast this with a kitchen cabinet, where heavy set, sturdy doors are perfect. There are practical as well as aesthetic considerations to new doors on cabinets. You will need some space free around the cabinet you plan upgrading, and you should make some provision for dust, debris and chippings that may come off in the process. Lay down some newspaper to catch this. Make sure you have the right tools for the job and tell others in the house that they should stay out of that area for a while – simple precautions to assist a smooth door replacement for your cabinet!

Effects of replacement cabinet doors

The act of replacing cabinet doors can be performed quickly, with little risk,  and bring about a relatively fast makeover. The cabinet itself can stay where it is, thus avoiding lengthy work drilling into walls. Yet your room can be transformed in its overall feel. That’s got to be worth trying!

Because one cabinet door is so easy to change, it is a simple matter to stagger your home improvement over several days.

Really, you need kitchen cabinet doors that are long lasting, and can stand up to repeated opening, closing and the odd knock or two. There are some wonderful glass kitchen cabinet doors that allow ingredients and utensils to be seen without having to open the cabinet door. Here the replacement cabinet doors may be viewed as utilitarian.

In some rooms nothing matches the sense of cleanliness that white cabinet doors bring. That color is associated with life and purity. Where hygiene is required, white fits the bill. New doors on cabinets can illuminate an area if properly arranged!

Lighter colors in general will tend to make a room feel bigger, while darker colors might give the impression of a smaller space.

For replacement kitchen cabinet doors, there needs to be an assessment of what’s already in your kitchen. The cooker, washing machine, and particularly work surface form large blocks of color that may blend or conflict with that of your replacement cabinet doors.

Having a mental picture of what the end result will look like should give you confidence to make a start. Ensure that the right screws, spanners or other tools are available. Sometimes, bolts or screws will have degraded over the years and need replacing.

Getting the right replacement cabinet doors

There are many places you can get cabinet replacement doors these days. Traditional cabinet door suppliers were builders merchants, but now almost every high street DIY store will have them. There are many replacement cabinet doors available on the internet.

By using unfinished cabinet doors you get to have the most control over the look of your rebuilt cabinet. Some even like to use just have a plain door to give an earthy feel to it. With a wood replacement cabinet door, a light touch of preservative can allow natural features of the wood to show.

Lack of time or worries over skill may militate against the extra efforts revolving around an unfinished door, and with the huge range of finished cabinet doors available, little is lost. There is a bewildering choice of surface and color combinations for anyone taking the time to look.

Fast cabinet door replacement can readily be accomplished with proper tools and good planning. It is certainly possible to finish the task with a low impact on the surroundings. New replacement cabinet doors and drawer fronts should usually be made to match; they are often taken in by the eye together, and should not clash. Although there’s no reason not to put in a new cabinet, its often easier to replace cabinet doors only. Unless the body of the cabinet really doesn’t go with the new cabinet door, you have a huge range of options to try.

It will probably make sense to use the same mounting mechanism on the new and old doors; using a direct hinge if there was one before, or a castor if that was in place. Switching between the two could cause problems with closing, so check the measurements carefully. Your new replacement cabinet doors should work smoothly from the start.

Very rarely, if ever, will you have to make significant changes to the replacement cabinet doors or the cabinets involved. Unless there is some problem with flush closing, or the weight of cabinet door that hinges will support, for example, there should be no need to modify anything.

Really the tasks involved are often overstated, and as long as you are not too ambitious, it is likely to be a synch.

Alternatives to replacement cabinet doors

Some people like to take unfinished kitchen cabinet doors and make their own surfacing or put a veneer on them. There is more scope for individual tastes to be accounted for, but also more chance of something going wrong. Perhaps not best for the first cabinet door replacement you do. For those who like wood, the deep texture of oak cabinet doors might be particularly suitable. Focusing on just replacement cabinet door fronts can be an option that requires no more than sticking on a thin plastic coating. That simple act might be all that’s needed to get the aesthetic change you are looking for.

A quick lick of paint may be favored in certain situations, although you must make sure the cabinet door surface is ready for this. Wooden doors with glazes will need to be sanded or scuffed up first, so that the paint will bond strongly. For some materials, special paints such as enamels might be needed. A little extra forethought in this regard will pay dividends for many years.

Sometimes you may need to fix a broken cabinet door. The practicality of this could well depend on the door’s composition. Those made from particle board can be tricky but many have found automotive filler to be effective in binding the door parts, as well as replacing lost bulk.

The downside of cheap wood in cabinet doors is that they can easily split. On small cabinets in particular, impact and stress are spread over a small area. It can look rustic, but most people will just call it dilapidated! Concentrating the best quality components in the most obvious areas can help a great deal.

Getting replacement kitchen cabinet doors and drawers that complement each other and the kitchen can be extremely rewarding and produce a really fresh kitchen appearance.

However you choose to proceed, replacement cabinet doors are an option you should not ignore!

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