Smart Choices For Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Updated July 12th 2014


kitchen cabinet door color schemes

how to refinish kitchen cabinets perfectly

Kitchen cabinet doors

wood kitchen cabinet doors beautifully finished!

Those kitchen cabinet doors seem to blend anonymously right now, but don’t leave it that way!

Make them stand out pleasingly, while stamping your own style on the cooking area.
Since we spend a large number of hours in the kitchen, it makes sense to have it set up in a way that is pleasing.

Certainly replacing kitchen cabinet doors can make a big difference in how a kitchen feels to us. The utensils and cutlery can be housed for practicality and aesthetic goals. The replacement kitchen cabinet doors can be of many types of materials and can stand out as a beacon of freshness. The doors for kitchen cabinets can come in many forms and styles, and suit a variety of individual tastes.

If you are seeking right now to improve your home, you should consider how to reface custom kitchen cabinets and kitchen cabinet doors, among many other factors. Kitchen surfaces on all items can often benefit from being all of a specific type or style.


It is important to know that you need to be patient if you have ordered custom kitchen cabinets. The reason is that they may take up to 8 weeks to be delivered to your door. Factor this into your plans for the kitchen.

Custom Kitchen Cabinets Vs. Off-The-Shelf Cabinets

A custom kitchen cabinet is of higher quality than its off-the-shelf counterpart, but the former may cost up to 4 times more than the latter, say Mike Dulworth and Teresa Goodwin in the book “Renovate to Riches”.

For total freedom in customizing, it is hard to beat starting with unfinished cabinet doors  and molding them to your precise vision of beauty. However, its all too easy to start a project with bare wood, then let the months slip by without treating them or surfacing them properly.

Kitchen Cabinet Costs

A custom kitchen cabinet might cost you up to $11,000 depending on the elements you need and the materials used. This might seem a large sum, but remember that there are people who use exotic substance, precious metals and artisan input. Typical costs will be much less. The value of your existing kitchen furniture might influence how much you spend on the cabinet. One way to budget is to progressively upgrade the cabinet doors in your kitchen one by one. This spreads expenditure over a greater time. Kitchen cabinet doors can last a long time, so bear in mind the extended use you can get from them.

Refacing Kitchen Cabinet Doors

If you reface the surface of your kitchen cabinet doors, you will be able to save some money right away. As the guide “Kitchen Cabinets Center” states, kitchen cabinet reface is just a method used to restore the fronts of the drawers and kitchen cabinet doors. The process also requires revering of the other parts of the cabinet. “It needs the use of professionals to complete this job” says the guide “Kitchen Cabinets Center”.

The reason is that a DIY refacing will be very challenging because you do not have the experience and expertise needed in order to do it the right way. It is important to know the veneering process very well and to know all of the details of the job before doing it yourself. Veneering is a job that requires skill and time, and both are hard to get. Try to secure the help of a building professional, or someone with some track record in this field.

What is Involved in Refacing Kitchen Cabinet Doors

1. You need to separate the cabinet doors and to replace them with new ones, and the same is true for the drawer fronts.
2. It is important to use real wood in order to get the look of many types of wood.
3. Use rigid thermo foil if you want the cabinet to stand abuses from pets and children.
4. The whole process of refacing kitchen cabinet doors might take up to 5 days depending upon the size of the kitchen and the number of cabinets, as the guide “Kitchen Cabinets Center” states.
5. Remove hardware from the cabinet, drawer fronts and doors.
6. Clean the cabinets and start the process of veneering.
7. Add custom panels inside of your kitchen cabinet doors, as Carol Zentgraf recommends in the book “No Sew And Low Sew Decorative Storage”.

The kitchen cabinet doors we have around us when we are cooking can contribute greatly to our productivity and enjoyment there

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