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Unfinished Cabinet Doors For Personalized Furniture

Updated June 29th 2014
Fitting unfinished cabinet doors
Selecting Unfinished Cabinet Door Styles
Customizable Cabinet Doors


unfinished cabinet doors

Cheap unfinished cabinet doors are perfectly usable

wood cabinet doors unfinished

Natural weave of the wood is clear on cabinet doors that are unfinished













Wake up to the huge possibilities of unfinished cabinet doors!

Don’t be put off by memories of woodwork or crafts at School! There’s no need to be a master with the chisel, or an expert sander. A few basic DIY skills can get you thru.

Once learned, its a skill that will stay with you for life, and may help you improve many aspects of your home.

It’s satisfying in itself, and can be a continuing reminder of your determination to build a home that suits your tastes perfectly.
Changing cabinet doors is one of the tasks which quite rightly gets a higher priority when a dweller seeks to raise the furnishings in his or her home.

Without going to the trouble of becoming involved with the body of the cabinet proper, its door can be more readily replaced. Cabinet doors that are unfinished may well be cheap and are certainly amenable to a variety of adaptive modifications.

If you want to achieve a personalized look by integrating or customizing the new doors yourself, there is a good reason as to why you should opt for unfinished cabinet doors in preference to other selections. Just like it would be with finished doors, you have an option to select from several types of wood depending on your budget and the kind of look you want to achieve. There is huge scope for you to indulge your home design predilections!

Fitting unfinished cabinet doors

To be assured that your new door will exactly fit on your cabinet, it is important to take the cabinet’s dimensions before making an order. However, you can always benefit from custom unfinished cabinet doors and especially if your cabinets are not of a standard size. Once the doors are delivered to you, you can do whatever you will with them as long as you achieve your own personalized look. If you are skilled in wood work, you might want to consider customization as DIY task. Alternatively, you can call in a professional who will help you curve the patterns you have been yearning for into the unfinished doors.

A cabinet door without finishing can give a bad effect if it is poorly fitted. People will forgive marks and scratches on the door surface, and perhaps even less then flat edges, but the alignment of the door to its host cabinet should be perfect.

Selecting unfinished cabinet door styles

There are several places from which you can purchase unfinished cabinet doors. Some popular choices are home improvement stores, specialty stores and online shops. Currently, most people prefer purchasing home improvement items online since it’s more convenient and probably cheaper than all other options. For instance, you do not have to travel to a store with a list of specifications if its custom unfinished cabinet doors that you are looking for. All you need to do is communicate with the vendor via e-mail after which you get a delivery which matches your exact specifications.

If you want to change all cabinet doors in your home, select those which will go with themes in different rooms. For instance, you can have white paint on those which will go to your master bedroom if that is the dominant color in there. Similarly, you can just stain those meant for the kitchen and especially if you incorporated a traditional theme. Rich deep shades of wood can be accentuated for extra effect.

Customizable cabinet doors

To avoid inconveniences, always take accurate measurements and look into all of your specifications before making an order. It would be frustrating if an online store delivered doors which do not fit or are made from a different type of wood than you wanted. Institutions, hotels and other organizations would find it worthwhile to purchase wholesale unfinished cabinet which would obviously reduce the overall cost of the remodel project.

Remember that if you have a very unusual design in mind, and something halts your project, it might be hard to then find finished cabinet doors that are coordinated for the remainder.

A great advantage to having cabinet doors unfinished is that very often small marks and damage to the door do not matter that much. In fact in certain settings, the flaws can add to the appeal of the place! They show you are not a slave to mass produced synthetic output that the rest of the world slavishly consumes. You have your own mind, and are willing to experiment.

All unfinished cabinet doors are rich with possibilities for you to exploit!

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